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The goal of SlugFest Games is to provide solid, interesting games that are quick to learn and reward mastery. We strive to bring together great mechanics and themes in a way that is fun and helps bridge the gap between family board gamers and hobby board gamers. Some of our games are brilliant gateway games, while others move more in the direction of the hobby gaming crowd.

The Adventure is over, but the party’s just getting started!

Our most successful game series to date has been The Red Dragon Inn  series. In The Red Dragon Inn you take on the role of a swords and sorcery adventurer partying after a long day in the dungeon crawl. You’ve slain the dragon, looted the horde, and have come back to town to throw your feet up with a flagon of ale and the camaraderie of your friends. Ther

e will be roughhousing, gambling, and drinking, and the winner is the last sober adventurer with gold in their pockets!

We currently have twelve different characters to choose from, with two more coming out this August! Each of our games are stand-alone expansions, which means if you buy any of the base sets, you get a full game! The characters from each set are all balanced against one another, so feel free to mix and match and play your favorites!

On a winding’ desert road in the middle of nowhere lies a town with no name. In this town you’ll find a place where no slight goes unanswered and no fight stays private. High Noon Saloon is our most recent release and received a lot of attention from GAMA when it was nominated for an Origins Award.

In High Noon Saloon you take on the role of a gritty cowpoke with a chip on their shoulder, trying to be the last one standing when the smoke finally clears. You’ll be running around the saloon smashing chairs over heads, throwing tomahawks, and scrounging for extra bullets behind the player piano. The gameplay is fast, cinematic, and oozes with spaghetti western bar fight theme.

Best of all we have crammed a ton of gameplay into the box! High Noon Saloon comes with enough bits and boards for up to six players to have it out, as well as additional rules and cards to support two and three player teams! While the fast paced free-for-all is extremely tactical and vicious, team play transforms the play experience into a game with high strategic value.

This game is a favorite. It is not common knowledge, but the SlugFest Games crew are also leather crafters and blacksmiths. We love going to ren faires and LARPs and one of our biggest pet peeves is seeing a 52-card bicycle deck get dropped down on the table for some Texas Hold’em. Enter The Red Dragon Inn: Gambling? I’m In!

RDI:GII is our answer to the big question:

“What are the games of the Red Dragon Inn?”

We have created a brand new 93-card deck, the Rogues and Warriors deck. This deck builds the basis for nine games that fit a low or high-fantasy middle ages theme. They are all card and dice games that would not be out of place at the Prancing Pony or the Inn of the Last Home, and certainly belong at the Red Dragon Inn. These games range from light and fast, to deep and complex, perfect for a few quick hands between rounds of ale at the fighter’s guild, or a brilliant game of strategy between wizards.

More to come!

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  1. Absolutely love Kung-Fu Fighting. Wanted to buy a copy for my friend. Wanted to know when you were going to make more.

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